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New Life By H.N. S (Chapter 8-9-10-11-12)

Chapter 8- Jealous

-Ian’s P.O.V-

When a song started to play, their bodies moved together, grinding seductively on each other… I couldn’t take it anymore! She can only do that with me!

I don’t even remember how I got over to them, but next thing I know David was on the floor under me and I kept punching his face over and over again until blood was pouring from everywhere. He looked like shit! David was my best friend and I wanted to stop .. but I couldn’t! So I kept pounding away till there was more blood than skin.

“stop! What are you doing!” was that Mia shouting? her soft and gentle voice was telling me to stop… and I did, only she could control me like this.

I got up and turned to find Mia standing beside us, horror spread across her face. I never want her to look at me like that ever again.. it made me so sad and angry at myself! I couldn’t take it anymore so I swiftly picked up her petite body and swung her over my shoulder.. she didn’t resist as much as she did last time thanks to the many drinks she has had!

When we got to my room, I locked the door and gently placed her down, leaning her back against the door. I closed the spaced between us, warping my arm around her waist and using the other to lift her chin so our eyes could meet.

As I lifted her head slowly, I could see all Mia’s features on her face close up.. she was so sexy! She was the hottest girl I had ever seen! When her eyes met mine, the deep pools of blue looked back into mine and I couldn’t resist any longer.. I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

I wanted to go deeper, to taste her, to close the gap between us as much as possible because it was driving me crazy not being together, not being touched by her all day! When I went to go deeper I was stopped by something wet hit my face. I backed away slowly, still in a daze from the contact of our bodies to find Mia crying!

My body reacted on its own, now programed to always put Mia first, to make my Mia better! I hugged her, moving my arms from her waist, up to the top of her back and one on her head. I stroked her soft hair to try and calm her and pushed her even closer into my chest, absorbing her tears in my top.

After a while she seemed to calm down as her crying turned into a little whimper. I felt her lift up her arms and place them on my chest, at first I was excited because I thought that finally she loved me back, but instead she used it to push us apart!

I didn’t want to move- and I didn’t for a while, but when Mia was starting to get uncomfortable around me, it hurt me more to be close with her. I took three steps back.. I was away from her, but not too far!

-Mia’s P.O.V-

I pushed on his chest, I couldn’t take this anymore! My heart can’t take any more beatings! My heart keeps feeling like it being smashed every time I’m around Ian.. and its killing me! The way he comforted me when I was upset.. wouldn’t you fall for his charm to!?

At first he didn’t move.. no matter how hard I pushed against his muscular body, he wouldn’t budge. I started to feel uncomfortable with Ian’s arms around me as I thought about every other girl had tricked by using these move. After a while he took a few steps back.. but he was still so close…

“stop.. why are you doing this to me, I don’t want to be one of your many whores” Wow, where did this confidence come from… oh the many shots of vodka.. well this is going to be fun!

“what?!” Ian asked both angry and confused. He looked at me for a while before it clicked, “is that why you were angry with me? Mia no..” he stepped towards me but I took a step back but was stopped by the door.. there was nowhere for me to run!

“please… don’t..” I whispered, all my energy had now left my body through the many tears that I have cried thanks to Ian. But it didn’t stop him, before I could focus properly through the tears he had his arms gently wrapped around me. I felt comforted and warm, the electric sparks flying through my body.. but I have to stick my ground!

“no, get of me! No!” I was now waving my arms everywhere and kicking my legs to try and get Ian away from me, but instead his hug got tighter, subconsciously calming me down until I was relaxed in his arms.

He lifted me up and took me over to his bed. I was expecting to be thrown, so I winced in preparation for the pain, but instead Ian softly placed me on the bed. He followed me down and used his body to stop me from escaping, his hands on either side of me and he had saddled my body.. making me feel his horny cock! Was he going to rape me!!

How could he! I began to wake my arms around and push against him! “Don’t touch me you pervert!”

Ian did nothing, but sit there laughing. His deep sexy laugh warmed me and I stopped my unsuccessful attempt to hurt Ian. His teeth were white like pearls and his lips.. oh his lips! So pink and full.. I just wanted to kiss him and never stop!

He grabbed my wrist and pushed them to the bed.. I couldn’t move at all! He leaned in closer so that his lips brushed my ear,

“I love you” He whispered… well that stopped me from fidgeting! I shot my face to his with a shock and confusion painted all over my face. I didn’t speak, I couldn’t!

“I know I was a player before but after I bumped into you with my car, I couldn’t take my eyes off you.. you were not like any other person I had ever seen! And then you walked into me and I thought it must have been fait!” He was now looking at me, face to face and in the eyes.. he wasn’t lying!! “I’ve wanted you Mia for a long time, please.. I love you!” I was shocked by his words, tears building in my eyes. We were both frozen, no one moved until I swung my arms around his neck and pushed my lips on his roughly.

At first Ian was confused, but then his lips began to move with mine, roughly. I had missed the feel of his lips on mine, the taste of sweet honey and the pleasure and protection it made me feel.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, lost in the moment and pushing myself closer to the bulge in his pants. Rubbing my wetness against him, slowly and teasing him until he let out a small moan, giving me entrance to his mouth.

Ian seductively slid his hand up the inside of my thigh and brushed his hand across my panties that were now soaked from the lust I felt for him.

“wait…” What! Why did I say this!! Am I stupid, I don’t want to wait!! I want him!!! my body kept screaming at me, But I had to…

“What’s wrong” Ian said between breaths, trying to connect our lips once more…

“not yet.. not until you can prove that you don’t just want me for my body..” no!! shut up I want this, I tried to keep telling myself, but for some reason my logic took over..
Ian laughed and laid beside me, “I have to prove it to you, huh… and how would one do this?” This made me laugh to… surely by telling me he loved me was enough, but there was part of me that said he was used to getting what he always wanted and I wanted him to fight for it…

“hummmm… I’m not sure, but when I see it I’ll know!” I turned and smiled at him to witch he returned with a handsome smile, splitting his face.

“If you don’t know, how am I supposed to know!” I leaned into him and placed my hand on his chest,

“it should come to you if you really want it to” without another word Ian placed his hand over mine and pulled me closer to him. He moved both his hands around my waist protectively and I rested my head on his chest… laying like this, in his warmth and safeness I fell asleep almost instantly!


My eyes fluttered open to find the sun light brightening the room with its gentle rays, I really need to start closing those curtains! I tried to sit up and stretch, but I couldn’t move my limbs.. I open my eyes fully to find Ian still fast asleep. We were still cuddled close to each other, his arm over mine protectively.

I looked up at his face calm sleeping face, it was refreshing to see him so defenceless for once! I laid back slightly so I could have the full view of him, so peaceful, so beautiful and all mine!

“Do you like what you see?” Ian raised his eyebrow and smiled, showing his perfectly straight white teeth that reached his ears. Heat rushed to my cheeks and I pushed my head into his chest to hide my shame.

Ian chuckled at my shame and I tried to keep a straight face, but his laugh was contagious and we both fell into hysterical laughter.

Chapter 9- Ride Home

Buzzzzzz buzzzzzz!

No!! I don’t want to my phone to ruin this moment! But I knew it was my mum… so I slowly got out of bed, leaving the warmth of Ian’s arms in search for my phone.

“Hello?” I answered

“hay honey! How’s Sam?”

“oh… fine.. we’ve just got up” I hate lying to my mum, but I couldn’t tell her that I had spent the whole night with Ian because I think she would kill me!!

“oh good, because I’ll be home in an hour if you want to go out somewhere?”

“really!?! Yeah I’ll be there soon! Love you bye”

“love you to, bye bye!” I hung up and put my phone on the dresser when Ian came up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist, hugging my back close to his front. He placed a little kiss on my neck and lifting his lips to my ear,

“who was that?” he whispered with jealousy mixed with his words, sending chills down my spine.. how can someone turn me on so much with just the littlest of touch! I turned away to hide my now red coloured face.

“Erm, just my mum… I’m going to go..” but I don’t want to go! I want to stay with Ian! I went to pick up my bag by the door but Ian grabbed my arm and spun me to face him.

“Why the rush? I’ll take to in my car” I had to be careful of what I said.. there is no way I can let Ian see where I live, but I also know its just as impossible for Ian to back own!

“My mum has the morning off so we’re going to spend time with each other… and its ok.. I live close so I’ll make my own way.” I hate all the lying I had done today, but it was all necessary. I turned and grabbed my bag, making sure my back was turned to Ian when I told my little white lie.

“if its so close than it will be even closer if I drive you there..” Ian smiled, I knew he wasn’t going to drop this.. I had to think of something and fast! My mouth was going dry and my palms were sweating, what was I going to do!!


In the end Ian forced me to let him drive me home, but I didn’t mind as much anymore as he was driving me in his silver BMW hybrid sports car.. one day I am going to drive this car!!

I directed Ian all the way, until we pulled up outside a big, and beautiful cottage styled house.. Sam’s house! I couldn’t take him to my house.. not yet at least! Not until I can fully trust Ian and let him into my life completely!

“Wow! I love your house! And I didn’t know you lived so close to school!” Ian leaned on his wheel to get a better look out the window at Sam’s house.

“erm.. thanks… bye!” I went for the door handle, I wanted to get out of here as soon as I can and wash away the horrible feeling of lying to Ian, the last person I wanted to fool! But he pulled on my arm, forcing me to turn and face him. He kissed me softly on my lips, but it was too short! I wanted it to last forever.

“Bye, see you tomorrow!” Ian looked hopeful as he waited for my reply. He wants to see me tomorrow!! Ahhhh! I can’t believe that last weekend I had ran from him, and now we were making plans to fill our days with each other.

“Yes, definitely! Bye” I smiled and went for the door again but he stopped me once more… and pulled me into him, our lips meeting passionately. Before it got deeper he pulled away, causing me to moan.

“I love you!” oh my! I love this man!! I giggled at his actions

“I love you to!” I got out the car and made my way to the front door, waving goodbye as Ian drove off. After I knew Ian was far enough away, I ran back down the driveway and up the road, back to my actual house which was far from this paradise!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

I leaned in and kissed her passionately, “I love you” I told her and she smiled, just a little smile at first, but as it grew it pressed her rosy cheeks up and slowly revelled her teeth, like a perfect Pearl necklace. Finally the smile reached her eyes, lighting them, causing them to crinkle at the corners. In that moment she was everything i had ever hoped for, she was everything i would ever need.

“I love you to!” She said, the three Most magical words I could hope to hear from her mouth.. you hear that guys.. SHE’S MINE!!

She got out the car and made her way to her house… it was a really beautiful house, for a beautiful woman! But for some reason I never thought Mia would be this rich because she doesn’t come across as someone who has money. I guess its true, you can never judge a book by its cover.

She waved goodbye as I drove off, I was already missing her, missing her warmth, the comfort she brought me and the softness of her skin against mine! but she promised I could see her tomorrow, but that was too far away!

Chapter 10- It’s a deal!

School was going soooo slow! It must have known that I have another date with IAN MARSH!!!

Finally the bell rang and everyone rushed out of school for freedom. I waited by the doors, the spot we had both decided to meet until I saw Ian and his Football gang walk my way.

“Hay!” Ian shouted before placing a kiss on my lips.

“Hi! Hi everyone”

“HAY!” they all shouted back, we had all become quite close with the amount of time I had been spending with Ian over the past week. They were actually good guys! I barely noticed Joe at the back, I can’t believe I once thought Joe was huge because compared to the rest of the guys… he’s small!!

“Hi Joeeee!!” I ran over to Joe and jumped into his arms. Joe was one of the greatest friends I have and because of Ian, I had hardly spent any time with him!

“oh hay stranger! What have you been up to?” We both laughed, but I felt hurt that I was leaving my best friend out of my life!

“oh nothing much.. just this and that!” He rubbed the top of my head,

“well that’s very vague!!” He laughed, hard and I couldn’t help but join him.

*cough* Ian coughed brining our attention back to the group who were all staring at me and Joe in silence then back to Ian who just stared at Joe, with a look that said he could kill him!! was Ian jealous.. over Joe!?!

“well, lets get going…” I clapped my hands, bringing everyone’s attention back then walked over to Ian and forced his gaze away from Joe who was fidgeting under his killer gaze and down my mine before placing a reassuring kiss on his lips, telling him that he was the only man for me! “I love you!”

From my words I could see him relax, bringing his arms around my waist and lowering his head to mine.. “I love you more!”

We walked up the grass to Ian’s silver BMW hybrid sports car, and although he had many other cars.. this was my favourite!

The other guys squashed into two other cars, as I stood.. my mouth drooling in awe at Ian’s car!

“can I drive?” I looked at Ian, hoping!! I even tried to give him my puppy dog eyes…

“I’m sorry baby.. but this is my other baby!”

“you don’t trust me!” I pretended to cry and pull a temper tantrum but Ian just laughed!

“no!” I laughed to, because to be fare, if I had this car I wouldn’t let anyone drive it either!


We all sat, surrounding the T.V watch American football. I don’t mind being the only girl here because when rugby was involved.. I loved being one of the guys!

With all of the football team occupying every chair and even some forced to sit on the floor, but I sat comfortably on Ian’s lap with my head snuggled into his neck as I watched the match.

“what a load of girls!” I shouted at the screen, giving me the attention of everyone in the house.. oh crap!

“I thought you liked football?” Ian turned his head slightly, looking confused. But I got off his lap and crossed my arms!

“no! I love rugby.. this is American football, it doesn’t even compare!” To my reply every single person in the room stood, anger now showing on their face.. maybe I shouldn’t have said this in a room full of football players… but I will always stick up for the sport I love, just as much as they would!

“what!?! In what way is rugby better?” Ian asked

“well for starters… Rugby players aren’t filled with pussies who can’t even take a tackle!” I had now became angry and defensive, almost shouting at Ian..

“what the..” was repeated around the room by the many men I had now pissed off! Ian just stood their shocked, waiting for me to explain myself..

“In American football it is mandatory that you wear your football kit plus the numerous amounts of protective gear such as leg, shoulder and crotch padding also a helmet and face guard plus much more… where as in rugby the only thing you have to wear is shorts, a top, socks and shoes… therefore making you football players girls!!”

“that’s only because us football players play more rough and don’t just roll around in the mud like you rugby players” some blond 6ft3 man said from behind me. I turned with disgust on my face,

“Actually as of 2003, the metal helmet that use to be mandatory was banned due to the fact that it caused more damage due to the roughness of the game, now if players want to use a ‘helmet’ its just a little bit of cloth…!!” I turned back to Ian, but not to see anger but instead he was both amused and impressed…

“I guess there’s only one way to settle this, we have a game!” Ian suggested, instantly bringing a smile to my face! I love challenges and I love playing rugby.. it’s on!!

“sounds like fun, but I hope you don’t cry when I beat you!” me and Ian exchanged playful stairs, but the rest of the team were being deadly serious.

“but who is going to be on your team?” oh yeah… I forgot about that! I mean I’m good, but not good enough to take own all these muscular men!! Wait,

“Joe!” I pointed to Joe because I knew he agreed with me when it came to Rugby… that’s mostly how we became such good friends! Joe proudly stepped forward and stood behind me.

“I agree with Mia!” Aaron stepped forward, instantly making me proud to call him my favourite of the group!

“Me to!” From the back, out stood David and I could feel Ian tense up… Ian still hadn’t forgiven David for hitting on me, even though I have told him it was my fault! David’s face was still really badly damaged, with cuts on his lips and eyebrows and bruises taking up more of his face than skin- it must be painful!!

With the three brave men behind me, I turned back to Ian…

“I have my 3 players.. so lets play a mini game of 4 on 4!”

“Well I wouldn’t say there was 4.. more like 3 and a half!” Ian patted me on the head, highlighting that I was only half the person that these men were… but I had skill on my side!

“oh, are you scared of little ol’ me!”

“haha! No! but how about we make this interesting… how about we make a bet!”

“alright you’re on! If I win… erm…” I thought hard at what Ian could do, or had that I wanted until- it hit me and a smile cracked my face in half, showing all my teeth in happiness! “I want to drive your silver BMW hybrid sports car.. for a week!!” this was my only chance, I had to take it!!!

He looked at me in disbelief “there is no way…”

“fine, you’re scared because you know I’ll win!” I started to pick at my nails.. pretending to act snobby, but trying hard to contain my smile!

“Ok then you can drive my car for the week, but WHEN I win you have to admit that I’m your boyfriend and that I have passed your test!”

I thought about it for a while.. but in my mind and in my heart, he had already passed the test! It was a win win for me anyway, if I won I go the car, if I lost I got a smoking hot boyfriend to call my own… what girl wouldn’t agree!!

Ian stuck out his hand and I took it.. agreeing to the terms, it was on!

Chapter 11- Touch down!

We all walked out onto Ian’s huge front yard and up to his football field. Ian and his chosen 3 players, who I had forgotten their names as soon as they had told me walked to the left and me and my team walked to the right.

on the way I looked at Ian and he was staring at me, giving me a cheeky smile… confident that he was going to win, but there was no way I could let him!

To show I wasn’t shaken from his cockiness, I blew him a kiss and winked at him. His face brightened up as a smile spread across his face… wow! I love that man!

“Ok guys, lets huddle!” I shouted to my team and turned to join them, leaning down to join the huddle. “its 4 on 4, so we’re having 2 in attack and 2 in defence. I’m taking the attack..” I got a few judgemental looks from David and Aaron..

“Shouldn’t one of us take the attack… I mean we are stronger and against Ian, we’ll need that!”

“trust her guys… she could take on Ian!” Joe reassured them, we had played many times and I had beat him so easily! Ha ha!

“also, I need yours and Aarons strength in defence, if they do get past me or Joe I need you two to do whatever you can to stop them! You got it!” being able to control these guys.. this power, now I know why Ian loved it so much!

“yeah!” they all shouted back as we began to walk into position

“oh, and WHEN we win I’ll all let you all have a go driving Ian’s car!” I said it just loud enough for Ian to hear… and boy was he angry. The look of horror spread across his face until his smug smile was completely gone! But after a moment or two he changed to an evil smile, raising an eyebrow,

“Oh and WHEN we win, maybe we can pick up from where we left off!” as I remembered the night of his party, the night we almost had sex… my cheeks turned bright red from embarrassment and my head shot down to the ground because all the guys turned to gawk at me, smiling and nodding their heads. Some even patted Ian on the shoulder, appraising him.. that’s it!! I’m winning this game and driving his car into the river just to see him cry!!!!

I walked over and stood in front of Ian, who was the attacker for his team and quickly tied my long hair into a cute messy pony tail.

I bent down in front of Joe, placing the ball in front of me… although there are some rule and regulations different between American football and rugby, American football is quite similar to rugby so we compromised that we would start the game off in the style of American football, but the guys wouldn’t wear protective gear like rugby.

I looked up at Ian who was crouching in front of me in preparation for the game to start.. but he wasn’t concentrating on the ball, instead he was red with anger… no it was jealousy! Because I was so close to Joe in this way!

Ha ha! I can use this jealousy as a distraction in my favour to win this! I closed my eyes, bit my lip and moaned.. take that Ian!!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

Mia made her way into position, her cheeks were still red from embarrassment and her head hung in shame… but that only added fuel to the fire! I wanted her more and if I win I finally get to call her my girlfriend!

I bent down into position, but when I looked up Mia was bent down in front of Joe!!! I couldn’t help but get jealous and angry I wanted to punch the life out of Joe for standing so close to MY MIA!

I snapped my gaze back to Mia and she had her amazing smile sculptured on her face, after watching her for a short while I began to relax. That was until, she could see my jealousy and her smile grew and she raised her eyebrow.

I was confused at first but when she closed her eyes and bit her lip… I knew where she was going!

She moaned, a sexy sound that travelled down my body to my now hard cock! I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t control the jealousy and I began to sake with rage! I knew she was playing with me… but it her trick worked, she had this hold on me… and she now knew how to use it.

She slowly lifted her eyes and looked up at me through her eye long eye lashes then winked and smiled playfully… I could have taken her here and now!!

Oh so she wants to play dirty, well two can play at that game!

“HUT HUT HUT!” She shouted before throwing the ball behind her and to Joe.. I was going to take revenge… I dodged Mia and headed straight for Joe! He saw me coming, his eyes widened in fear as my body came full speed to his!

I was to caught up in getting revenge to notice the ball pass my head as Joe passed it to Mia.

With a big thud, I crash into Joe’s chest… surprised I didn’t break anything, but he would have some serious bruises! I got off Joe and helped him up, now feeling bad for hurting him.. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but it felt good letting out my frustration.

I heard the other team members scream Mia’s name so I swung my head around and my mouth dropped to the floor! Mia was dodging the other men on my team, and they were huge, the smallest being 6ft3, and yet she was just swerving past them with her sexy slender body!

Aaron and David had also ran up to help her, both taking quite the beating to protect Mia, I appreciate that they were protecting my woman from harm!

Once she had cleared my team, she ran full speed down the field, ahead of them by at least 2 yards… she was amazing!

She threw the ball down hard on the floor and flung her arms up in the air, “TOUCH DOWN!!”
Her face split in half from her perfect smile! I licked my lips, Oh how I wanted to fling my arms around her waist! How her body will feel close to mine.. how my cock would feel in her!

Damn! I have gotten hard, just from thinking about the warmth of her body. I shifted my pants, trying to cover my penis that was now pushing against my zipper… but I couldn’t take my eyes away from her… I needed to win! I needed her to be mine!


-Mia’s P.O.V-

The scores were now, my team with 16 and Ian’s with 18… we only had 5 more minutes on the clock, all we need is a touchdown and that would secure us 6 point!!

I gathered my team in a huddle.. we needed a good plan to win this!

“Ok guys, all we need is a touchdown, so here’s what we’re going to do…” I looked around the group, all eyes on me, all the eyes of hot, sweaty guys who have risked their body to protect mine! They respected me and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

They were covered in mud, blood and bruises… yet I didn’t have a scratch on me! “Ian so far hasn’t gone for me, and won’t because he doesn’t want to hurt me.. so we’re going to use that to our advantage! I’ll pass the ball back to Joe who will then fake pass it to Aaron who is going to run up the right side, where as I will run to the touchdown zone up the left and when I get far enough, Joe throw it to me! David, will you protect me?” I smiled to David, who gave we a charming smile,

“sure thing babe!” he winked and we all smiled and broke from the huddle.

We got into position one more time. I crouched down in front of Ian, who mirrored my action. I put the ball on the floor, between my legs then sharply inhaled…

“HUT HUT HUT!” We followed the plan down to the last detail… until I was running up the left side and I turned to see Ian right behind me!! SHIT!! I tried to run faster, but Ian picked up his pace more, closing the space between us.

David came charging towards Ian, but Ian just jumped over David’s attempt to tackle him to the ground. The space between me and Ian got less and less, but I was so close to the line, just a little…

My thought was cut off by a great forced to my back, Ian tackled me!! Owwwwww!

I was still under Ian’s body, angry at first with the pain but then his warmth seeped into me and I was comforted for being in his embrace, healing the pain

The whole crowed gasped. I felt Ian Get up and sit next to me and said nothing…
WHY? WHAT? Had we won? Lost?

I lifted my head to see where I had landed… slowly, more and more light entered my vision until I had the ball in my sight… I…

Chapter 12- Winner?

My eyes adjusted to the light and I focused on the position of the ball… I couldn’t speak… no way…

I stood looking around in shock… no…

“WE WONNNNNN!” Ian shouted… I had lost.. NO!!!

Everyone ran over to Ian and lifted him in the air, celebrating his victory. Once his feet were back on the ground he came over to me. I was still frozen in shock… I couldn’t believe it, we were so close to the line!!

My eyes were glued to the floor, but I could still feel Ian walk up to me and stand in front of me. I slowly lifted my head… not wanting to see Ian’s face while I felt this ashamed! Our eyes finally met, and as I looked into his captivating hazel eyes I didn’t see cockiness, nor did I see that he was bragging… instead I saw reassurance but mostly, lust!

He lifted his hands to my cheeks, sending pleasurable sparks through my body and he looked even deeper into my eyes. He leaned closer to my face until there was just a little space between us,

“So now your my girlfriend… hum.. that has a nice ring to it” before I could respond he yanked me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. I responded immediately, surprising myself. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips, softer than I could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and I opened my mouth with a low moan.

I lifted my hands to the back of his head, fisting some of his soft hair and trying to push him closer to me…


We broke apart, both breathing heavily and I turned swiftly around, Ian’s arms now around my waist, keeping me close to his body. When we turned we saw everyone staring at us, some blushing but all had big smiles on their face!

“Do you want us to leave?” David said jokingly as he pointed in the direction of the gates.

“Yes.. if you wouldn’t mind!” Ian said laughing and rested his head on my shoulder. But I pulled away,

“oi, no guys you don’t have to go! come on” Heat rushed to me cheeks with embarrassment and I pushed away from Ian, slapping him on the arm before rushing back into the house.

Everyone eventually followed me back into the house and we all gathered in to watch T.V but this time.. something we all agreed to watch so that we didn’t argue again! I sat on Ian’s lap, snuggled into his chest, into his warm embrace as he wrapped his protective arms around my body…

Ian was so comfortable, protective, sexy and MINE! My boyfriend! AHHH! maybe I didn’t loose…


Ian dropped me off at Sam’s house again, still thinking that it was mine. It pains me to keep lying to Ian, even more so now that we’re getting closer but I had to… I was scared in case he would leave me because I’m poor, and now I’m scared that he will leave because I’m lying to him! ughhhh! Why wasn’t I honest from the start!!

I waved goodbye as Ian drove off and then I made the long walk back to my house.

As I got closer to my house, I noticed the kitchen light on… my mum was home!! I was now running as fast as I could to see her. I burst into the kitchen, breathing heavily and smiling, ready to hug my mum.

Instead of being squeezed in one of my mother’s famous tight hugs, she staid sitting on the small dining table at the far side of our small kitchen. She lifted her head from her hands… it was obvious now that she had been crying,

“oh mum, what’s wrong?” I rushed to my mums side, rubbing her arm to try and comfort her. I know it should be her comforting me, but I am stronger than my mum and I am always the one to comfort her… I’ve had to do it more so in the current situation we’ve been in! we’ve always been poor.. its just, times are tough…

“its nothing dear..” she patted my hand “…just these stupid bills!”

“but I thought that your two cleaning jobs covered the bills…”

“I.. I was fired from one of my jobs…” It was barely audible as my mum whispered her excuse..

“what!?! When? Why?” I was now standing and looking down at my mum, her head swung in shame over not being able to support me. I felt sorry for her, but most times I had to stand up to her like this so she can be more motivated!

“about two weeks ag…” She couldn’t even finish her sentence before I cut in with anger,

“TWO WEEKS!” that’s longer than I expected!! No wonder there have been power cuts!

“I’m so sorry, love…” Tears escaped my mum’s eyes and I sat next to her once more to comfort her,

“Its ok mum.. I just wish you had told me sooner! I’ll look for a job in the morning so that we have more money for the house, you just focus on getting another job!” I hugged her and rubbed her arm… wow, I actually was the mother in this family!


Next morning I sat crossed legged on my bed looking through the newspapers for a job available for a 17 year old…

Babysitter.. no, doesn’t pay enough, Cleaner…. Bad hours, Waitress.. hum… it had good hours, after school every day and has a good pay, I’ll take it!!

I rang the number provided and arranged for an interview, but they said to just swing by! Oh great.. I can already tell it’s not the ‘cleanest’ of Café’s meaning its going to be full of thugs… but what did I expect living in an area like mine!

When I arrived at the café, I was right about its appearance! It was a little café just off the main road, a little run down and in major need of re-painting.. but the customers were surprisingly nice, well most of them were! and the staff, Sue and Alex the other two waitresses were so kind and helpful!

I could see I was going to enjoy spending all my free time with them, even though I would miss spending it with Ian…


Monday came too quickly! I was starting to hate walking down these same halls everyday.. and the only thing getting me through the day was… my boyfriend!!

Wow it just rolls off my tongue. MY boyfriend.. Ian is mine!

I walked into the lunch hall, my favourite part of the day, being able to eat!! My stomach growled from the lack of food I haven’t been eating! With working in a diner I get a free meal, so to save money I haven’t been eating at all during the day… ITS KILLING ME!!

I sat at the already filled table and fell into usual seat. Sam gave me a sympathetic look as I had phoned her after work last night and informed her about my stupid mother… I know she wanted to help us, and she had offered us money, but I cannot and will not take money off anyone! Me and my mum can provide for ourselves!.. kind of…

Noticing my stubbornness she giggled and pushed her untouched plate over to me! I smiled widely and clapped my hand… now that’s what friends are for!!

I had just put a large spoonful of spaghetti into my mouth when Ian chose that time to talk to me! He leaned in so that his lips brushed my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. I swallowed the food and bit my lip to try and keep back the lust I feel for this man!

“How about you come to mine after school?” He whispered seductively.. and oh boy I wish I could! My body was creaming ‘YES!’ but I couldn’t…

“oh tonight.. erm.. I can’t.. I have family coming over from England…” Ian looked at me suspiciously.. does he know I’m lying!?!

“Can’t you just miss it this once…”

“Sorry I can’t… but I’ll text you later! Anyway, I’ve got to go, Bye!” I quickly stepped away from Ian so that I wouldn’t have time to re-think and go back to him. Instead I ran for the doors leading out of the cafeteria… I don’t know how long I can keep this up! Its killing me having to lie to the one person who cares for me, who comforts me… who I love and who loves me!!

-Ian’s P.O.V-

She ran out of the cafeteria so quick that I didn’t have time to grab her… why did she lie to me! What was she really doing tonight that she couldn’t tell me about! I think it hurts more to be lied to by her than to actually know what the secret is… I needed to know!!

I snapped my head to Sam.. she must know, they are best friends…

Under my scrutinizing gaze, Sam began to fidget and play on her phone.. oh she definitely knew! I smiled and began to interrogate her…

“Hi Sam!” I asked in my friendliest manner

“Erm.. oh… hello” She was acting so nervous, as if she was on trial for murder!

“So… Mia’s family are coming all the way from England… that must be exciting!”

“Yes.. Mia’s really happy..”

I began to play dumb “Oh really, she didn’t seem happy…”

“Oh really, then they mustn’t be close”

“Don’t you know, surely Mia would have told you everything about them…” Sam’s eyes widened

“y…yes she sh.. she did” I raised my eyebrow]

“Ok, spill what’s really happening tonight!” Sam’s eyes spread open and she looked up at me in horror.. pleading for me not to continue but that only made me more curious.. what was this secret!?!

“wh.. what do you mean!”

“You know what I mean!! I know there’s something Mia’s not telling me! Please Sam, she’s my girlfriends and I’m worried about her” Sam’s expression turned to a sympathetic one.. she understood what I was saying but she still couldn’t break the promise she must have made with Mia.
“Its not for me to tell… I mean.. if there was a secret.. BUT THERES NOT! Oh is that the time.. bye!” Sam jumped to her feet and ran out, the same as Mia… what is the secret!