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You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

 Adam hadn’t been this jumpy since Wendy Ward asked him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance at Hoover High back in the ninth grade. Then again, he was pretty nervous when he and Wendy tied the knot nine years later. Tonight, he was on the verge of panic.


He looked in the bathroom mirror, squared his shoulders and peered critically at the length of his conservative brown tie; it hung an inch below his belt line, an acceptable distance. He had already retied it three times to get it just right. The plain, gold tie-bar holding it to his shirt was perfectly horizontal. The pale-yellow, long-sleeve dress shirt still managed to hide his slight pot-belly and the thickening of his waist line, his ‘love handles.’


Adam leaned forward and peered at the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, the loosening of the skin of his neck, the slightly weak chin, his thinning, sandy hair and receding hair line. The eyes staring back at him—once a bright and penetrating blue—were now faded and washed out. The right one was slightly bloodshot, but no amount of Murine was going to fix that. The headache was only a nagging twinge tonight.


He took a step back and evaluated his image again. He was fifty-eight years old and, all things considered, was not an ugly man. Decently well-built and, if he remembered to take Wendy’s advice to ‘stand up straight and not to stoop’, was still over six feet tall. He just had to remember things on his own now, since Wendy was gone…


Looking at his watch, he paced out into the luxurious master bedroom and checked the clock on the dark, mahogany nightstand and compared the times; they corresponded, 7:45 p.m., he had fifteen minutes left. He walked into the expansive living room and sitting area, still in awe of the spacious 1525 sq. ft. Cypress Suite he had decided on booking. He lifted his dark-brown suit coat off the back of a chair, put it on and tugged, pulled, smoothed and adjusted.


Fidgeting, he scurried over to the large picture window overlooking the front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. From thirty-four stories up he couldn’t discern much; the cars were like toys and the bustling people merely ant-sized figures in the early evening twilight. The Hotel’s vast array of neon lights would soon be substituting for Mother Nature. He jammed his hands in his pockets, he was as nervous as ‘a whore in church’, as the old saying went. He laughed humorlessly at his inadvertent wit.


How had he gotten talked into this? It was his friends—the boys—at the Elks Lodge who had pushed him to this point. No… of course it wasn’t; there was a lot more at play here than something stemming from a few beers with the guys. They had commiserated with him numerous times during his wife’s long illness and had shared more than a few drinks after her death. Later, they had plied him with beer in an effort to encourage him to reenter the social scene. Finally, many more had been nursed in silence when Adam’s medical diagnosis was confirmed. Originally, this had been his best friend Pete’s idea, an achingly, irresistible idea for Adam, and…well…here he was.


Another glance at the clock, 7:55, maybe she was going to be late, maybe she wasn’t going to show up at all. Now, he had to pee. He literally ran into the bathroom, relieved himself, washed his hands and paused again in front of the mirror. Back in the living room, he checked his watch, 8:00, straight up.


When the soft knocking sounded at the door, Adam literally jumped, dreading as well as expecting it. Panicked, he briefly considered ignoring the gentle rapping and scrapping the whole idea. Instead, he took a deep breath, licked his lips and ran his hands down the front of his suit, smoothing out non-existent wrinkles while drying sweaty palms. He went to the door and opened it.


Adam’s nervousness vanished as his mind went blank. He no longer worried about what to say, as the power of speech fell by the wayside. He was also unaware that he was gaping, slightly bug-eyed at the vision in the hallway. He was struck dumb; she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. But describing her as merely beautiful was like saying the Great Wall of China was only a fence.


His Wendy had been a short, petite blue-eyed blonde, and as her illnesses progressed, had gradually wasted away. He had


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love story, A cute love story From Aakriti

A cute love story
Chapter 1
Entry in B-school

Finally, I am in the B-school here ( I am Aakriti), a new city lucknow away from my home all for the first time ,but this wasn’t easy for me . After a lot of struggle and hard work, I am here. Hey let me introduce myself as a very sweet, innocent looking girl (as what people who saw me for the first time say about me,) with the immense power to go turn impossible to possible, love to live life on her own conditions, do not like to dominate and hate to be dominated as well (this is what I am saying about myself) and you will come to know more about me as you read further..
So my 1st entry in the college. ooops…second because I came here for GDPI before also, so I entered the college with my mom and uncle .My uncle , the younger brother of my father , According to me he can be the best person to take interview of any person . This I am not saying because he is the expert of business communication or finance or marketing but because he know how to irritate the other person by asking lots of question …… take for example — When we entered the hostel for the first time , we found there was a lot of hue and cry for rooms, where on one hand I was tensed by the scene there , my chachu stand still to look the warden that what was she wearing, it wasn’t a sari or a suit, and my chachu is only habitual to see ladies in suit or sari. Well that day my warden was wearing some white top and a long snicker type something a bit long as above knees which was quite looking odd that time but the interesting thing of that moment was how in that 20 min of confusion about girls and rooms , my dear chachu managed to get almost every information about the warden that is she married or not? Who is there in her family ,her name and many more as if he has come there for my marriage and getting all information about the boy and his family , after some time ,I saw her holding her heads tight as if she was going to cry for a disprin or saridon ,she left all the girls and first gave me my room no. 103 keys.

So I was talking about my entry in my college. The difference in entering a school and a B school is that in school you come with your parents and in the B school your parents come just for being with you….
As I climbed the stairs to move to the PGDM office… there stands my respected seniors staring at me like animals in zoo do when any new animal is bought there and staring me as if saying ,”come my dear we will show you the real life here .” One of them moved right towards me may be for raging purpose but suddenly my mom called me from the back ….”wait for me beta m coming” ,I saw that guy giving me a look as if I was his first bakra to get cut and then, he went the other way off…..I ignored and said to myself lets face them all. This is also the part of life.

Chapter 2
chambers of secret


Now my hostel …….here you come to the chambers of secret…the girls hostel….Looks like a heaven to boys from outside but it’s a hell from inside especially for a girl like me. You may think that you get to get many friends when you live with so many species of your kind but actually you don’t .GIRLS CAN SEEM TO BE BUT CANNOT BE FRIENDS AT ALL. While I was coming to live here I was continuously praying to God to give me a decent room partner, who is dedicated towards studies and who must not be having any boyfriends.
My first day in hostel. As I entered the hostel one of the ladies in white top and snickers commented, “O has she also come here to do the MBA? She looks so small, a student of 8 th class.” Before I could give her the looks for that I found she is only th warden. I kept silent.
There was a lot of confusion as the warden was not able to fix the rooms for girls but finally I got room no 103… I was too tired ,it was day time and me ,my mom and my uncle were sitting in the room having rest, suddenly someone entered the room with a ban…….dashhhhh. I was in lowers and that was my roomy with his cousin elder brother .She came ,occupied the bed ,locked her wardrobe ,had a few talk with us , and went out to next room to talk other girl because she belong to her home town, my GOD I said to myself WHAT WAS THAT……. Am I going to live with her????????????

My mom left me that very day in the hostel. In the room front of my room there lived Deepika and Deepali. I was alone in my room and as I moved towards other half of the room ,my roomy has pinned a slip on the board above the study table as – “hello dear roomy” and I liked that. After 2 days my mom and uncle returned to my home town .I really felt like crying a bit as I was saying bye to my mom at the gate. and there called out my dearest warden madam shouting come beta come let your mom go ,now we are your family,….in half an hour the hostel was full of girls everyone shouting here and there ,but my roomy wasn’t still there and I was really waiting for her to come. Finally she came and later I came to know that even she thought the same about me “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO LIVE WITH HER?”
Slowly we talked among our selves and I found that she wasn’t that difficult to tackle. We went outside the room and talk to different girls. I found no one like me and no one good. In my neighbor the same two sisters were going to live with whom I had my GDPI. I said hello to one of them, she was Sneha.
As the night was getting darker and darker and there was silence all around suddenly some one came inside our room , the EXPREESSSION QUEEN SUPRIYA .IT WONT BE WRONG IF I SAY THE MOST DREADFUL PERSON IN OUR HOSTEL,BUT I REALLY LIKE THE WAY SHE TALKS .BINDAS .
I was trying to adjust to this new environment , I was trying to take all what new life is giving to me .The discussion that night ( oaf it was a great discussion and actually a gathering of all kanpurians which includes , me( unfortunately in spite of not being kanpuriyan but because it was my room), Nishi(my roomy), Supriya ,her roomy Shruti( my future close friend in the hostel), Shivi (who later had to left this hostel with 8 other girls because of no space),they talked all things with joy and full expressions like about Mariyampur(their common school) ,all boys (only handsome and dashing ones), condom advertisements (quite Hi-fi talk for me that time) etccccc ) with all. The friends were quite cool, all a new experience for me , still a lot many changes to come in my life , here with friends …..
Next day morning as the new life started, I said a very good morning to luck now and started my day. I got up early, got ready, prayed to God, and then went on for the college with the group of hostel girls. There we all went straight to canteen as it was announced that we will get the breakfast in the canteen. I had a cup of tea and bread butter which I wasn’t used to. And there all hostellers boys were also sitting, suddenly a senior guy entered and all the boys stood up to wish him saying good morning sir. I laughed to myself and thought this is the second phase of raging. Suddenly this dreadful expression queen shouted to run to see the list for sitting arrangement as per sections, and it was the first time when I have to leave my cup of tea and ran to see the list. The entire crowd was there for the same purpose. All boys and girls were hanging on it ,.well my lecture was very very boring a communication class by Sulekha madam , and what she was teaching ,I was thinking if these low class concepts are to be taught at MBA college.. Well classes went on. Finally we were released at 1:00 and we went to mess for khadi chapatti and rice, my favorite .It was too hot to eat in these summers but too tasty to eat after not having a proper breakfast in the morning.


3. Badminton trail and first crush in the college

THAT day it was a trial for badminton and It happened that I went to the court, where AD (AMANDEEP, one of my popular senior among girls,) was taking the trials .I was exposed to all these things first time in my life I mean with boys , never had the coed education before in life and I was all confused that time . When he asked me
Head or tail
I got scared don’t know of why and replied that anything sir
AND there entered my 4th crush of life but 1st college of MBA college. (This proved to be the most effective among all 4 crushes) commenting
Sir anything………Neeraj sir (Ist time I am not hating to call a senior sir, otherwise seniors has forced sir and madam on us)
I was angry for my foolishness and his behavior but I played well and won that time, and I also won someone’s heart who knows ……………….
FROM NEXT day I showed a lot of interest in playing badminton. I was enjoying life here and I want to enjoy more…I want to play. But I was being noticed by him ….I ignored but something was cooking ……….but what m I to do with that ….. I had many contradictory thoughts at the same time.
But that day evening time as usual when I went to play badminton when no one was interested to do so I saw him walking that way. To get his attraction I called my friend Geetika from his back and he turned…..and I liked that….. I started enjoying this knows.
After some time as he saw me confused and trying to get the rackets as all rackets were occupied by the seniors he took my side and said to one of my senior to allow me to play as I have the match and my second foolishness there. I said that it not my match to play, poor Néeraj sir he remained quite and laughing on my foolishness which he took as my innocence. HE WASN’T ANGRY WITH ME .That day first time I talk to him although , I talk about my interest in playing badminton and he told me about the bad inventory of college for players but suddenly he realized he had talked much to me and he went to other side.
Next day I was sitting in the library with Shruti and, Deepika with his new boyfriend who is one of our senior Varun sir (first) was sitting behind us. (The last day I saw the list of marks of seniors and I was more interested in marks of NEERAJ SIR oops he is Mr. ., Neeraj verma.i saw in the list. I was happy because he scored very well and I formed first impression about him as being very studious.)so as we were sitting and reading suddenly Varun sir (first) called arey aaee verma sahib , and my ears were all focused on it as I saw back there stands my dearest ( almost dearest now) Mr. Neeraj Verma. I saw him and he saw me. I turned back after realizing enough of it. .. Now I was more enjoying it. It was my college first crush and after the CAT first time I found someone to be interesting.
I exactly don’t know what was there on his mind but I guess he was also enjoying it. After all everyone has right of it……first I thought it was my mistake but actually not ,as I came out of the library ,He came out too , now my liking is turning to my loving.
I really want to flirt with someone and want him to flirt with me too but from a distance only. That day it rained all night and many of the girls didn’t got up to go to the college ,but I as usual got up and got ready ,prayed to God and left for my first lecture. That day I went straight to the canteen for my breakfast and I saw Mr. Neeraj verma , he was coming out and I was entering and as usual I wished him saying good morning sir ,he replied too( only with eyes) though one of the senior was watching this and I don’t know what fun she was getting from me calling sir to him.

Then after having the tea I went to the common room and sat there studying there (as it was announced no first class)…I was so focused but suddenly I heard some one called out from the door of common room neerajjjjjj. I saw there .O my God! he was sitting just near me and I didn’t saw him .So busy with myself. But why was he sitting there? What could be the reason .whateverrrrrrrrrrr. Why m I thinking of him….then I went for the lecture yes it was Mishra sir class. A very good teacher but not good as a person. Because for me to respect a man is one thing most important and that is how much he respects women…he was very good as professor. And he was a professional. But it was famous about him that he has wrong relationship with one of a senior girl who is also famous as Mrs . . . . Mishra in college. How cheap .But this is one of the facts of corporate world .These give and take relationships are very different from what I think….oops coming back to Mr. Neeraj verma (my first college crush). He was cool but sometimes boys cannot be understood .Yes as the lecture got over I came out of the class and what I saw was something I didn’t like as such . He was outside my class , sitting doing some thing on his lappi(laptop). Why was he there? Why ……..I don’t know what was in him but still I liked him. He was likeable …he was this. he was that. He was……



4. Freshers

AND on the day of fresher’s! I was so tensed because I asked mama to send my sari through courier. But the man didn’t turn up that day. Thanks to my roomy she had two and she allowed me to have one, also Aastha helped with the petticoat problem. Finally I went to the parlor with friends as I was moving out with my roomy , Nishi and some senior madams were entering and they commented look small kids are going to parlor……
Well I got ready and moved to hostel back from parlor and I entered the college dressed beautifully in light blue sari with silver jewelery, light make up slightly tensed and confused. Moving with Deepika and Nishi my roomy. Nishi entered first and there was attendance and guess who stood there ,O MY GOD I didn’t thought about it and there was Mr. neeraj verma ,as I went to him for attendance for a moment he stand still watching me move in and I m liking it . As I told him my name he showed me the finger towards the other senior maybe section wise .Then I went for the programme.
After the programmes there was DJ party arranged for us. On the dancing floor I was enjoying and I heard that some of the seniors were dancing and they were drunk. But this time my eyes were searching for some one in fact not there yes it was Mr. .neeraj verma. My eyes searched and searched for him but he wasn’t there .Where he went was what going continuously in my mind “Mr. Neeraj Verma”. But so sad he wasn’t there …….then I moved to take food with my big group and what I saw , was something which I can never forget , yes he was standing there and was looking so cute,,,,,,,,,,,,,and innocent like a child when he was eating ice-cream in a black shirt with black jeans .He was fully black but looked too cute and smart .I liked him for that. …….
Huaahhh well these were some precious moments which ones go cannot come back, thinking the same lying tired in my room after the precious party .Suddenly I heard some noise downstairs, it was the very horrible thing , my roomy has come late after the party and now making the hue and cry all over the hostel with Aastha and Meetu. They came in the room in the horrible situation saying that their classmates made them drink…this was some thing unusual for my ears to hear but I was least concerned about them as it was there life, what the hell they can do with it. But after this they danced and took many pictures lying on my bed and doing all those nonsense things which I hate. But this was my first adjustment with her i.e. My roomy.
The hostel girls discussed this fresher topic for many days .That day was Sunday and I went downstairs to Supriya’s room to have chat. I sat with Supriya and Shruti and chat chat n chat, both Supriya and Shruti were cool and joking.

Me — hi
Supriya –ohooo come dear ( she sounds very sweet)
Shruti—smiling but quite and in pain a bit
Me —what happened Shruti
Shruti –ulcer
Supriya— same here
I said in a joking manner-how it happened that you both had same problem at the same time.
Supriya commenting — she had the ulcer problem yesterday, but at night we could not control and we smooched, so now even I had the ulcer…………..
AND laughing laughing n laughing, One could expect this answer from her because as I said before she was cool and bindas girl.
We discussed the different programmes at freshers.
Supriya—- how stupid’s boys are there, that fool Yash before singing the song that day started with a phrase—-this song is dedicated to all girls who do love boys but are afraid to accept-
Suddenly Shruti said— so should we jump on them that come we are ready ……………
WE ALSO discussed about how the marginal utility of our seniors increased ,raised to maximum and decreased in link with their girlfriends .They have felt in new new love like now the juniors do they take their girlfriend to fun ,waves for having a different kind of fun which they could not have before coming here staying with their parents, because their marginal utility was at the peak that time, and then it became the maximum and then as 1 years passed we could see their decreased marginal utility sitting at parag together ,no fun left…..
But this gave us the opportunity to actually apply our economics concepts to real life situations…hhehehheehheeeee

Now I have started enjoying this all, we named our discussions as panchayat by hostel girls……..there are different classifications for this word .

It could be attacking panchayat, defensive panchayat or neutral panchayat
It can also be rated on the likert scale as
Strongly attacking, attacking, neutral, defending and strongly defending.

Where attacking refers to do panchayat against some one’s scandal in the hostel
, neutral refers to discussing general matters about college or the warden madam. And Defensive is about Defending yourself or your friend and calling for a panchayat. (All that matters is to do talking, gossiping and making hues and cries)

5 hide and seek


As days were passing by my college life was becoming more and more interesting these days ,on one side were my friends were trying to select some better boys in our juniors batch ,on the other side , I have already scanned the juniors batch and was totally focused on my dear seniors(especially on him) . I was really feeling to flirt with life. I don’t want a love story, I don’t want boys, and I just want to enjoy life with friends and to know more about Mr. Neeraj Verma.
Now the hide and seek started. These days after my roomy Nishi , only Shruti was becoming one of the closer friend with whom all this stuff can be shared more and more. Slowly Geetika also became a closer friend (Geetika was one of the two sisters in my neighborhood, when in the starting I talked to her sister, Sneha.) And I could freely discuss this important issue with them—-yes Mr. Neeraj Verma.
When I use to sit in library after the classes, and some day it happens that Mr. Neeraj Verma use to come, the flirting session begins. One day when he entered as usual in library I was studying accounts. God knows what happened to me I liked him so much that I started staring at him constantly (I really liked him now) as he used to do and I was enjoying it. First time I realized that even boys become conscious when constantly observed by a girl. BUT HE Looks so cute although he was too enjoying it some how, that day I was really expecting him to come and talk to me. But he didn’t and after doing his project work he left the library. (But still I know he likes me.)

Canteen masti

Till now my most close friends i.e. Shruti and Geetika apart from Nishi know about Neeraj sir , Sneha who was the sister of Geetika didn’t know about him that I had a crush on him, and he had a crush on me and if we talk even in front of her about it she wont understand or catch that what we actually were talking about , because till now we had this crush thing common between us i.e. , I had crush on Neeraj sir, Geetika on Singh (official boyfriend of Mrs. Mishra) and Shruti yet not fixed about it, so Shruti used to help me and Geetika about our crush.

One day we didn’t had our second lecture and we four went to canteen talking among ourselves , as we entered in the canteen Neeraj sir was sitting there and the expression came on his face as I entered was like as if he really wants me to see that time , like he was dying to see me , he became so happy for that single moment . I saw him and after a second turned my head . I wasn’t actually serious about it ,but those expressions were so true so pure. Suddenly Shruti and Geetika started commenting as they saw him with his friends that even Aakriti is so happy today and I was smiling uncontrollably. He was sitting with four or five seniors and my group seated in front of their group, still I was smiling as usual and my friends were teasing that Why m I sitting in front of him, Sneha unknowingly about the fact started calling me that “come here Aakiriti”, but I was nodding and smiling, I want him to see him. I was noticing that how restless he was feeling that time, suddenly he went to wash basin and comb his hair in the mirror , I was continuously watching him, then he came took a cup of tea and left ,while moving out he looked at me once and left.

After accepting my friend request on orkut, one day he was standing outside his class talking to some one and I was going upstairs for the class with friends including Shruti. I saw that how he was continuously watching my each and every step up. And as I passed by he said a big hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and came towards me. I was really scared and left saying good morning sir to him, (I know this was a bit insulting for him but seriously I m always reserved towards boys and a bit afraid too I don’t know why I was liking him so much.)

Next day he was standing there again with friends but this time he didn’t approached anymore, maybe he understood that I don’t like this and saw me from the corner of his eyes, but as I moved upstairs I saw him continuously feeling respect for him and a bit attracted towards him, really want to tell him some thing……… and suddenly he saw me …… that was the first meeting of our eyes.
Next day I was sitting in the library, this time not alone but with Shruti and Divya studying statistics, the library was full except one seat left by my side which I have kept reserved for Sneha.
The librarian was shouting as usual his pet dialogue, “bahar bahar bahar, I will suspend you all from library for a week if you will make noise” . Shruti was commenting continuously and making us laugh by calling the librarian taklu sort of thing. We were having fun, Suddenly some one called out “excuse me is this seat reserved “,I raise my head up and to my surprise that was him ,I suddenly lift I books I have kept on the seat forgetting about sneha, he took the seat and settle down there……
After some time he started the conversation by asking me —-“what is going on, are you doing normal distribution?”
Though I was doing probability, it came out yes for his question, suddenly Divya pointed out, and said, “aakriti are we doing normal distribution” and giving me looks…
Shruti said commenting—- “don’t say anything to her now because what he is saying now is right for her, she is not in the state to differentiate between right or wrong.”
I could not control laughing and also staring at her.
As I completed first question before both of them ,I started with second one, Divya again said “o aakriti ! you have completed so fast wow! What a speed!”
Again Shruti commented — “what are you talking dear, the energy source is sitting next to her ,speed will definitely increase.”
Now this was out of control sort of thing. I was continuously laughing and he was also feeling a bit nervorsed .I warned Shruti that if will she continue with her comments I will leave. Finally I left for the class and he too left after me……

As it was the starting period of our hostel life we hardly know each other. But we have formed a big group it was for the first time I went out for fun (FR) with my big group, it was all a new experience, we were 12 to 13 girls all were looking maal (as what boys call), before coming out of the hostel we took a lot many photos , we gave many different posses. After being tired of the first photo session we finally left the hostel. We did a tampu and reached to fun(FR).
Meetu started collecting six Rs from each and every girl which was another big task because no one was ready to take out a 50 Rs note for all and most have 50 or 100 Rs notes ( a major problem among girls ), standing there for six Rs, even the tampu man shouted arey madam koi ek 50 Rs dedo , ye ladkiyo ko samjhana pana bhi mushkil he ?
Even I felt like laughing but what to do…..then as such we went inside …..we ate at McDonald .We roam inside ,took 3 to 4 more photo sessions, then we bought the movie tickets for love aajkal and went inside the lift. We all were laughing and someone press for ground floor. It was so awkward we reach the ground foor and workers were standing there, then someone pressed for first floor, we were going up and down, more or less lift was out of control.
As it came to second floor and as the door opened one of the girl of hostel Sonal was standing there with her boyfriend, and it happened that we all shouted “sonal, keep on enjoying”. Later we realized how awkward it was for her and her boyfriend. But slowly we were getting to distinguish between committed and singles. Huaahh we finally reached the top floor and enjoyed the movie. It was a big group of us and we saw our class boys also came and settled at our back.
Supriya as usual started commenting , later unknowingly about the boys I also joined the commenting session. In the interval, I realized that about our classmates who were sitting at the back, even they were surprised by my comments because I usually talk less in college.

One day I was sitting in the canteen with friends. Now even he became interested in me and could not avoid me at any moments. He sited himself far from me but in front of me. He was a good friend of Mrs. Mishra but I hate that girl. That day it was her birthday and when he was sitting in front of me, she stood there talking to me, flirting with him and he was smiling.
I could not tolerate this and moved towards the mirror . When not finding me for some time he left her and came to me and stood behind me but I ignored him that day.

The next day I was moving towards the mess in blue jeans and orange top. Suddenly I saw him moving in front of me but quite far with another senior madam, talking closely and I thought o god! Is he also committed like others? I tried to speed up and move fast. I was walking behind continuously watching him and to my surprise he turned and saw me. I don’t know what made him do that but I liked that.
Later, reaching to hostel I discussed this with Nishi and she told me that she would find it out for me. After some days, as Nishi was quite naughty, she talked to some senior madam and told me that he is single. I was feeling relaxed. Though Nishi and my thoughts do not match most of the time, she helped me a lot in this matter as a good room mate and whenever we had a group talk , if anyone ask me if I liked anyone in class , she used to comment without wasting a moment that Aakiriti is not interested in small people, she believes in impressing eminent personalities like seniors and I would just give her looks for that.

Breaking and rebuilding of relationships

Before the final end term we had our mids, you can call them as short exams but the course was not that less. Where now people in hostel had form their groups for studies, I and Nishi preferred to study in our room. Nishi expected me to study with her and I agreed to that though I not always liked to study with her , because she takes much time and try to get the deeper knowledge, to which I preferred to study a bit faster then her. We use to sit in our room and closed our rooms to prevent the disturbing elements entering. But we were aware of the fact that this wasn’t liked by Meetu and Aastha who were cousins and they held panchayat against us in other rooms. Aastha tried to broke our friendships and both those cousins started hating me like anything. Though we gave our exams. But I could not score well in statistics paper. That time my eyes opened and even Shruti realized that fact. Deepika, meetu and supriya were in my class that time, and after getting my marks I remember each and every instant that how they used to never get there books to college , never study properly and used my things like laptop , calci etc. I thought I would also catch up with it but I could not do it.
This was the time to show my true colors to them. I became quite .I formed a new group including Shruti , who share the same thing as I had , Geetika and her sister Sneha. I stopped talking to all others, especially my roomy and the other three girls because they were the biggest reason for my failure. With my new group I focused on studies and finally I could achieve the set target I wanted to achieve. This was for the first time I played politics in hostel for my benefit . But that time I understood and differentiated the girls I had to be with and from whom I have to keep away. Later I talked all of them because I have achieved what I wanted . I also realized that I could not make it with my roomy further.

6 Exams the boring period

Tiring and hectic time has come…yup exams days it was really a hell to give exams .It was really a tough time and we welcomed this time by ordering khabab paratha on the very first day of the exams that was our law paper. While preparing for exams we never forget to do our gtalks in between and this is what we enjoy, also we keep a know how of what is going on in boys hostel and how are they preparing for exams, after all competition drives you here. Finally I talked to my roomy as she was trying to go for a sleep before the day of our accounts paper as usually I hit her and said r u sleeping, when she was almost half slept and didn’t let her sleep, then we studied together laughed,infact cried feeling homesick,,,and the day passed.

That day when we had our economics paper and I had a fight with Shruti and I was feeling very very bad about it .At night I went to the mess to have dinner with all .I have just taken the dal and rice in the plate and was going to sit to eat. Suddenly Geetika came running to me saying that Aakriti leave the food ,Neeraj sir has come downstairs. I don’t know what exactly happened to me but I left all the food running upstairs to see him from gallery and there coming running around 9 to 10 girls behind me to exactly find out what has happened and who has come. That was the first time when my crush story became known to each and every junior girl of the hostel. My private story became public. ……Suddenly Aastha the naughtiest queen opened the lights and Neeraj sir and his friend saw all the girls. Even they were confused that what has happened to the girls and who was the eminent personality between them for whom the girls were getting mad like anything ……

Next day after the paper I and Shruti talked and were friends again. (which was not liked by my roomy Nishi, later I came to know that she tried her best to keep me away from her?) As we went with the group we were talking about the paper and talking like anything and then I noticed someone behind me was watching me but why ….oooooo because my dear Neeraj sir was sitting with that senior with specs, but what he told about me, maybe he had told about our previous and disastrous chat that day.

Oops I Remember that chat when I called him khadoos ,ooooo it’s my mistake I forgot to tell you…., my first chat with him… when he send me invitation on face book, I send him the request on gtalk after being consulting all my friends. And he accepted that. That day when I was watching movie in my room with my roomy, suddenly the message came from his side.

Neeraj –hi
Aakriti— hello sir (mainting the dignity of our senior- junior relationship)
Neeraj— what’s up?
Neeraj—which one
Aakriti— a walk in the clouds
Neeraj— no, I think movies are time consuming.
Aakriti— I know you would say that only
Neeraj— what? Why?
Aakriti—- You look very studious—
— can I ask one thing? (My friends forced me to come to the point)
Neeraj – ya sure, go on….
Aakriti — do you have any girlfriend? (this was the first time I asked him)
Neeraj—why are you asking about that?
Aakriti— aaivai, for general knowledge.
Neeraj— I don’t have any girlfriend.
Neeraj— ha baccha
Aakriti— what? M not a kid.
Neeraj — no you are a kid.
Aakriti – how dare you call me that (I wasn’t expecting that)
YOU look very kahdoos
Neeraj — don’t get hyper, baccha means dearest
Aakriti— no, I don’t want to talk to you. You are really very khadoos.

So this was my first compliment to a senior of the college (whom I like those days), I directly called him khadoos and didn’t listen to him further.

So do you expect this story to go ahead or it was a full stop here.

He stopped talking to me further, which was quite expected from him. I use to see him in the college but he use to take his mobile out so as to avoid me while passing.
Days passed , finally one day I decided to talk to him and say sorry but I had to leave for home as exams were over now …….


To be at home after 3 months time is like going for a nice holiday trip with your family on a weekend after a tiring week, but still there is a difference between a week and 3 months ….yes it was after 3 months that I was at home .The day I came home I was welcomed by my family members, Samiksha, my close friend who was eagerly waiting for me to come back.
(Samiksha told me about her new crush in AAG institute, how his senior is behind her and want her to be his girlfriend, blaaablaaa). Even my maid servant wants to talk to me asking me to come back and live as before , Desulva aunty how could I forget to mention about her . She is a very pious lady in our locality and love me more than like a mother. She had many things pile up to discuss with me . My mom was desperate to have a chatting session with me as we use to chat for more than an hour everyday and those things are very much which could not be discussed in these few days…..How 10days went I didn’t even realized sleeping, eating ,with friends and family, watching movies. But on the 11th day I was really missing my college…..I really want to go back. But why, actually I was missing friends ,moreover I wanted to see him.


hey friends, this is not a complete book. do you want to know what happened after this. did Aakriti love Neeraj.does their friendship changes to their love and commitment.what is the end of this cute love story.for reading more order your copy on nidhi.agrawal6@gmail.com