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Ju mma Mubarak SMS, There Iz No One But

Dua On A Burn Injury
Read Blow On The Burnt Person
“O Lord Of All Mankind
Remove The Difficulty nd
Grant Relief (For)
There Iz No One But
u Who Grants Relief (Cure)
(Hisnul Hasin)
By Blowing Iz Meant
Let The Two Lips Meet
A Little And Blow In
Such A Manner That A
Very Little Saliva Emits
This Applies In All Cases
Where Blowing Is Mentioned
May This Jumma brings
to your life Happiness nd prosperity.

Ju mma Mubarak SMS, When Placing The Dead Person

When Going To The Deceased’s House
Every Person Going To
The House Of The Mayyit Should Recite
“O Allah Forgive Me nd Him nd Grant Us
A Better Substitute For Grief”.
(Hisnul Hasin)
When Placing The Dead Person On
The Platform Or Whilst Carrying Them Recite
(Hisnul Hasin From
Ibn Abi Shaiba/Mokufaan Ali Ibn Umar (R.A.))
Happy Jumma Mubarek
to You & ur family.